Family Connect

We would like to take the opportunity to better support students and families in the Hastings community, families that are new or newer to the school, newer to the Upper Arlington community, or who just want to get to know others.

The Family Connect Program is designed to support families who could use help navigating all the things related to school and community from academics to sports and extracurriculars. This year with the creation of the UA Online Academy we would like to create a space to support one another navigating anything related to distance learning. Our goal with this program is to promote hospitality and friendship in the Hastings community.

By signing up to the Family Connect Program, you can commit to being a Host Family, identify yourself as a New/Newer Family, or simply sign up as a Hastings family looking for deeper connections.

If you are interested please fill out this form.

Because the challenges that Covid 19 are presenting, it is important that families to connect with one another to support our students in their choices of UA Online Academy or the Enhanced Distance Learning Hybrid Model.

For questions, please contact

Fatima Bachir & Kim Petersen 

DEI Co-Chairs

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