Join all our families both Online Academy and Hybrid, classmates and school teachers and staff in celebrating this first-year edition of the Healthy Hastings.

Hastings PTO traditionally organized one fundraiser a year.  This year everything has changed and we would like to organize an event to encourage families to:

  • get out and walk, run, bike or just simply stay active to stay healthy
  • connect with our school 
  • promote school spirit.  
  • help our school raise some funds.  


How do I participate?


You just need to sign up here: or go to:


What do I need to do?


  • Put on some Hastings Spirit Wear or any black and gold or Bears clothing items you may have.  
  • Get outside and walk, run, bike or simply stay active from November 1st -December 18th
  • We are encouraging you to snap a pic and post it in the Hastings PTO Facebook and Instagram pages.  
  • We are asking that each family pledges $20 or any amount to help the Hastings PTO reach its goal of $3,000.  
  • Our goal is that everybody joins us to celebrate our school while staying fit and healthy.
  • Each Friday, everybody that participated in the event will be part of a weekly drawing for a chance to win a Hastings Middle School Spirit Wear item. 

Share your pictures


  • Snap a picture of your family and post it to your Instagram and tag @Hastings PTO or post the picture in our Facebook  page.
  • If you wish, you can also download the Google Fit App for free and track your activity.  Send a picture of your activity to (email) to participate.   




  • Our main goal is to stay active and create community by getting all our families both OA and Hybrid to participate.
  • To have at least 100 families to post pictures to the Hasting PTO Facebook or Instagram pages to promote wellness and school spirit
  • to raise $3,000 to help Hastings Middle School. 




Donations can be made by:


Corporate matching donation


One of the easiest ways to make a big impact to your Hastings Middle School PTO contribution is to find out if your employer matches donations. If you donate, they’ll donate.


For instance, if you donate $100 to the HMS PTO, you would then go to your Human Resources department, ask for a matching gift form, complete it and submit it to the appropriate person at your work. The employer confirms your contribution to the PTO then sends their own donation.

For more information click here:


This is a tax-deductible  donation to the Hastings PTO – this money goes directly to the school.



How are the donations used? Here are some examples:

• Mini-Grant program for teachers • Visiting Artists/Speakers • Field trip
• Books and school supplies • Teacher Appreciation • Bottle water fill stations


If you have any questions, contact us at


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