Mabel’s Labels

Have your kids came home from school with a missing lunch box, or a lost sweatshirt, maybe someone else’s water bottle?? Have you had to dig through the outrageous amounts of items in lost and found to find your child’s jacket?
Well, we’ve teamed up with Mabel’s Labels fundraising to create a solution!

Mabel’s Labels offers name labels that are dishwasher safe, machine washable, and 100% waterproof for all of your student’s belongings. There are many different packages and labeling options available and shipping is free!!

Here’s how it works:
⭐️Go to:
⭐️Type in: Hastings Middle School PTO
⭐️Start Shopping!
⭐️Items will be sent directly to you with the address you provide.
⭐️Estimated shipping time for labels is 3-9 business days, and again, it’s free shipping!
⭐️Mabel’s Labels gives our school back 20% of sales!

Click here to start shopping: Mabel’s Labels

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