HMS Care Fund

What is Hastings Middle School Care Fund?

        The HMS Care Fund was established after the Connecticut grade school tragedy.  The PTO wanted to make sure that our students knew that other students cared when a personal tragedy or family crisis hit.  We wanted our students to have an avenue for reaching out to students who are having a tough time.  To a student… from the students.

A Care Bear stamped bag is given anonymously (and usually privately) with fun gift cards to help wipe that student’s worries away… even if just for a day.   It communicates that fellow students care about them – whether or not those students know details about what is going on.

Students who are interested in helping to make cards or bags during lunchtime, can contact their guidance counselor – these bags are assembled for a classmate who might need a Bear Hug in the future.

Inquires may be directed to your child’s guidance counselor, and questions can be answered by Laura Mazzaferri (

If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation, checks can be made out to Hastings PTO with Care Fund in the memo line, and sent to the school.


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