School Supplies for 2020-21

School Supply Sale

The Upper Arlington School District notified us that will not be offering PTO school supply sales for any of our schools this year. The UA School District is still determining whether or not we will be sharing a list of essential school supplies with families that they could purchase on their own.  We will have this information to share with you very soon.

Family Connect Program

Hello, Hastings Middle School Families!
The Family Connect Program was created to better support students and families who are new or newer to the school or Upper Arlington community. We would like to implement this program in Hastings to connect families who could use help navigating all the things related to school and community (such as academics, sports, clubs, PTO, extracurriculars, community traditions and celebrations, etc.) to those families who have experience. Our end goal with this program is to promote hospitality, friendship
and support.

By signing up to be a Host Family in the Family Connect Program, you will be matched with a new or newer family. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Sharing your contact information with one or both of the parents so that they may call, text and email you with questions.
  • Connecting with the parents/family prior to school beginning (if you are paired prior to the first day). This could include meeting the family at the school on supply pickup day.
  • Getting together with the parents and family two or three times throughout the school year.
  • Anticipating upcoming activities and events in the school and community that you can let your partner family know about (fall production, ski club, winter fest, dance club, etc.).

If this sounds like something in which you would like to participate, please fill out the Family Connect form to help us make a good match. Once we have made a match, we will email you with your partner family’s information and help you connect. We will also provide support to you throughout the year.

For questions, contact:
Ana Ly at 612-868-5881
Kim Petersen