Sponsor a Chair

The Sponsor a Chair campaign is here!

The Hastings campaign to repair and refurbish our much loved auditorium built in 1961 continues.  To date we have repaired, painted and upholstered 362 out of 740 seats with the help of HMS families, community businesses, HMS PTO and the UAEF.  Future plans include upgrades to the sound system, lighting, and floors.  For now, our activity is focused on the seats.  With that said, we have 378 yet to refurbish.

That’s where you come in.  The time we spend in these chairs are cherished moments.  We graciously ask that you consider how you can help during the 2016/2017 school year with the significant update our beloved meeting place requires.

There will be several opportunities to contribute throughout the year including:

  • $1 Cash donations at the door of auditorium events
  • Club Chairs such as the three chairs purchased by HMS Football 2012
  • Individual Family Chair
  • Group Family Chair for multiple families or extended family
  • 8th Grade Graduate Chair

Each refurbished chair costs $150 and includes a 2 x 3 plaque with a donor’s name/business and date permanently attached to the back of each seat.

If you would like to donate you may print this form   Sponsor A Chair Campaign or you may fill in the on-line form below and pay through PayPal.

If you have questions, please contact hastingspto@gmail.com


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